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The Top Five Reasons People Choose to Sell to Us

There are a lot of options when it comes to selling a house.  Below are the top 5 reasons people choose to sell their house to us over any other option.

We Are Local

We are local, here in Denver, Colorado.  Our office is in Northeast Denver and we are part of the local Denver community.  Unlike many of the companies that are national brands, we are local and care about our local brand and reputation. 

We Are Nicer

When you invite us to your house, we understand it is just that, an invitation.  We WILL NOT show up at your house and start trying to scare you and tell you how bad your house is.  Every house has redeeming qualities, some you just need to look harder to find.  Our goal is to make you comfortable and understand the process.  We promise to never confuse you or scare you into making a sale.  It is not ethical.

We Are Real People

Not only are we local investors but we are real people that care about this community.  Invite me over, I’ll show you pictures of my family and tell you how we support local charities financially and donate our time to organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado.

We Are Not Vultures

When we buy real estate, we purchase at a discounted price.  We do not hide that fact.  However, we do not try to get the absolute lowest price.  The transaction needs to be win-win.  You, the seller have to feel like you are getting a fair price and we need to feel like we are buying a property with enough room to fix it and sell it for a profit.  If we can’t come to a win-win solution, we just won’t work together.

We Will Actually Buy Your House

There are many “investors” out there that claim they will buy your house when all they are really trying to do is get you to agree to a price and then they try to sell it immediately to another investor for a few thousand dollars more. If they can’t find someone to sell it to quickly, they back out of the deal and walk away.  That is not our business model.  When we offer you a price, it is our price and we intend to actually buy your house.

In the end, we’ve found that being a local company that treats you, the customer fairly allows us to buy more houses than our competitors.  For more information on how we work read this blog post.


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