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Back in October we had posted a blog article about a house we bought and were remodeling.  Today, we'd like to share the finished product with you.  This house was a complete remodel and update of all mechanicals, electrical, flooring etc., and it turned out extremely well.  The process as you'll note given the time lapse between the two posts does take several months but we think you'll agree that the results are worth the effort.  Below are some photos of how the houses turned out, you can compare them to some of the photos before and notice that it literally is a brand new house.

One of the neat things we get to do is be involved with people that we buy houses from.  Because we work with individual sellers like you we get to know you and often times will stay in touch throughout the process.  On this house we stayed in touch with the former owner and even invited them back to see the house when it was remodeled.  She was thrilled with how the house had been updated and will now live on and create happy memories for another family.  This is truly one of the coolest things for us, to help families see how the house they often times grew up in will live on and create many more memories for future families.

If you have a house you're looking to sell, please contact us.  We are easy to work with and as you can see from the testimonial below we care about our clients and will keep you informed throughout the process.  To contact us, simply fill out the form to the right and we will be in touch with you shortly!

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