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The Characteristics Of Denver Home Buyers

Denver, Colorado has long been a popularly described mecca for those who worship fresh air, mountain scenery and a young, enthusiastic lifestyle. Housing here is somewhat limited because of the rapid population growth. In the last decade, more than a million people have made the relocation to the "Mile High City". The population has doubled since 1960. This makes for a challenging effort on the part of Denver home buyers. Here are some of the characteristics of those people purchasing property in the area.

It is a culturally diverse population choosing to work and live in Colorado's capitol. Caucasians are the largest group at 70 percent, with Hispanics in second place with 18 percent representation. African Americans are in 3rd place with a 5 percent level. There are six major neighborhoods in Denver, Home values in each of these in order of high to low are South Park Hill, $457,900; Lowry Field, $440,300; Stapleton, $434,100; Montclair, $327,200; North Park Hill, $316,800; Northeast Park Hill, $200,600; East Colfax, $168,600; Montbello, $148,500; Windsor, $103,100.

The houses that are sold have a median price of nearly $263,000, The median household income in 2013 was over $58,000. Home values have increased nearly nine percent during the last year. Zillow real estate tracking and projection website forecasts that by January 2015, the value of homes sold will be at $260K.

Those who move to Colorado are likely to enjoy an active life style. There are multiple opportunities for outdoor activities, including skiing, hunting and fishing, hiking and backpacking. The close proximity of the Rockies provides climbing, and challenging bicycling or running events. The city has a multitude of parks where outdoor activities can be enjoyed.

The people who buy in the Metro Area are likely to be highly educated. The capitol city of Colorado is the most educated city in the U. S. In the Denver metro area, over 92% of the population has at least a high school diploma. Over one third of adults have at least a baccalaureate degree. The comparable statistics nationally are almost 82 percent for high school and 23 percent with a college degree. A range of educational opportunities from pre-K through university levels can be found in the metro area.

Denver holds the record for being the thinnest city in the U. S. At a time when half of adults in the U. S. Have a weight problem, only about one in five of Colorado adults are identified as overweight. The active lifestyle, great weather and many recreational opportunities are believed to be contributing factors for general good health.

Many of the residents of Denver are "Baby Boomers". It has the highest proportion of adults in theboomer age group. About one in three adults is nearing, or of retirement age. This fact affects the types of homes on the market. Other cities that have this type of age specific breakdown are Santa Fe, New Mexico and Anchorage, Alaska.

These characteristics only reflect history, and are not necessarily limiting for those who are considering a purchase. Real estate agents who are familiar with the area are able to help potential buyers find appropriate listings that fit current needs and housing requirements.

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