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Seven Reasons You Should Sell Your Denver, Colorado Home to Us!

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

We Don’t Care About Condition

When we buy houses we don’t care at all about the condition of the house.  Obviously, if the house were in perfect condition it would be worth more to you, but as far as we are concerned we plan to remodel all the houses we buy so if your house needs some work we are completely ok with that!

We Are Local

Many websites you see that claim to buy houses are actually just large websites but don’t have a local presence.  They sell your name and phone number to a local investor and then that person contacts you.  Not us, we’re here in Denver and can help you anytime day or night because it will be us buying your house, not some other investor.

We Pay Cash

Cash is King, right?  Yes, cash can solve a lot of problems.  How it helps us is that it allows us to buy houses that banks will not lend on due to condition or other matters.  Additionally, how it helps you is that we can close on your house in a matter of days because we aren’t waiting on a loan to get approved.

We Can Close Fast

As mentioned above we can close on your house in a matter of days if you’d like us to.  To date the fastest we’ve ever bought a house was 3 days from the day the seller contacted us.  With that said, most sellers want about 30 days to be able to clean out the property and take any personal belongings with them.  Know that when you sell your Colorado home to us we can get you your money whenever you need it.

We Are BBB Accredited

We are a serious business.  We buy houses and we want people to know that we are serious.  That’s why we are an accredited business with the Denver Better Business Bureau.  We are not some fly by night company that is setup today and gone tomorrow.  We’ve been buying houses in Denver since 2008 and are here to stay.

We Are Nice

If you’re ready to sell your house get in contact with us today and we can make you an offer over the phone.  We are nice, honest, folks that will treat you fair and make sure you are in control every step of the way.  Contact us today at (303) 532-5297+

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