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Reasons to Sell to Your House to a Denver Real Estate Investor

denver-colorado-real-estateUnlike other Investors that buy houses in Denver We Care.  Strong statement.  Strong conviction.

We’ve been in this business for a number of years now and we’ve seen investors come and go from the height of the real estate bubble to the depths of the recession.  We can say we are one of the few companies in the Denver area that actually care.  Not only do we care about you, but we care about the person that may end up buying your house in a few months, years, or decades.  We do whatever we can to ensure that the homes are in perfectly suitable conditions after we have remodeled them to make sure that they will last a lifetime.

Furthermore, we give back locally and help local affordable housing organizations and rental organizations.  We love real estate, and we love Denver.  We want to make sure that both the city we love and the housing in the city remain affordable and in good health for years to come.  It is in our own best interest to care, we’re long term thinkers.

When you are deciding who to sell your house to we realize you may not care about the underlying company and that you might be just looking to get the top dollar possible.  If that’s the case, we probably aren’t the company for you.  Typically, we are on the lower end (not the lowest) of offers when we have been up against our competition.  However, we have story after story of why an individual sold to us instead of a competitor.  Here are a few words that we think describe why: honest, ethical, local, reputable, better business bureau, fun, nice.

When you are looking to sell your house, please contact us.  We’d love the opportunity to meet with you and talk about your house. Thanks for the opportunity! +

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